3 Easy Steps:


1. Choose the service.

Here at FixiPhones.net we have seen it all. We offer a variety of services for any iPhone and any problem. There are a variety of problems that may go wrong with your iPhone. The most common problems include the glass screen cracking and water damage to internal components. If your iPhone has water damage please remember that it is best to turn it off immediately after the contact with liquid occurred. Otherwise there is a possibility that there will be a short because the water and the motherboard or other hardware parts will become permanently damaged. You may also recognize us from our older website Brokemyi.

iPhone Repair: Fast and Secure!
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2. Shipping is on us. We E-mail you a pre-paid label or mail you a box.

Fixiphones.net is the Only iPhone Repair Company to Offer Free shipping both ways. We offer a variety of options for shipping to suit your needs. We can email you a pre-paid label, mail you a box with a pre-paid return label, or you can ship it yourself. And of course we can apply USPS overnight mail to any of these options.





3. All repairs are completed the same day.

We receive the iPhone in the morning.  If it is not shipped back out the same day before the last carrier pick up it's on us! We do this to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the speed at which the iPhone repair process takes. We are the only company to offer this!

At FixiPhones.net we can fix anything. Our goal at FixiPhones.net is to exceed your expectations!

  • All services come with a 90-Day Warranty.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service, we can honor that with a 100% refund.
  • If your iPhone does not ship out the same day it is received, you will receive a full refund.


Ok lets admit it, regardless of how careful you are the iPhone is incredibly easy to break! This is why it gets the nickname the "Glass phone". You really need to be careful when choosing an iPhone repair store. Almost every week we hear a new story about people having their iPhones stolen from them when they mailed them into a fake business! We have a very long standing online reputation with our two iPhone repair websites. The old site (BrokeMyi) and the new one www.fixiPhones.net.
We are ready to help answer any questions you may have regarding iPhone repair! We have seen everything from iPhones being driven over by commercial trucks to a screen shattering from a simple 2 inch drop. If you broke it, we can fix it and more than likely have seen it broken in the exact same way!  You can read reviews from our customers on our reviews page. You are more than welcome to submit a review statement or video yourself.  We greatly appreciate any and all feedback!
We are the ONLY company that offers a return policy on the repair and/or service. You heard that right! If you do not like our quality of work we will give you a full refund no questions asked. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all services. We are the only IPhone repair company to offer a full 1 year warranty on all services. It is our goal to offer you the highest quality of service possible. 
You spent a lot of money on that piece of technology, why risk sending it into a company that has bad reviews and might even be stealing your personal information?
We are the ONLY company that offers free shipping both ways. When you first  place your order we can either email you a pre-paid label,
mail you a padded box with return postage included, or give you a partial refund on the price it costs you to mail it with USPS or FedEx. We utilize one of the quickest mail processing systems possible.
Finally we are the ONLY company to offer a full refund if we do not mail out your iPhone the same exact day we receive it. If we don't have it fixed and sent out by the last mail pickup that day (5pm) you will get a full refund!
If you have read all of this you are probably asking yourself, why are we the only company to offer these solutions? Simple, we have been in the cellular industry for a very long time and our company's record is immaculate. We plan to keep it that way by offering the highest quality of customer service and the fastest repair turnaround time.